3 Steps to Remove Workplace Psoriasis!!!

We all have ripples.  A ripple is anything that causes destruction, pain, irritation, frustration and/or slows down you and your team’s ability to achieve success.  Average leaders unknowingly allow these ripples to exist, fester and grow into bigger problems.  The most successful leaders I know consistently REMOVE these ripples as they arise. 

Over the past 18 months, I supposedly have worn down my immune system and developed a skin irritation called, Psoriasis. Depending upon my food choices over time, this Psoriasis flares up. When I consistently eat sugar, starch, wheat and dairy, this psoriasis thanks me and shows it’s itchy, scaly presence on my ear and next to my eyelids. When I consistently cut out those fun foods OVERTIME, my immune system strengthens and kills my Psoriasis allowing my healthy skin to thrive again.

This is exactly what happens with our thoughts, words and actions!!

When we consistently think NEGATIVE, DESTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS this irritable, scaly, bitter attitude shows up in our life. When we speak out these nasty thoughts with words, it turns good relationships sour and can even burn the bridges of weak relationships.  When we take right actions with our health our body responds by getting stronger.  If you are a sales person that incrementally takes the right action by making sales calls daily, your end result is a pipeline full of good prospects.  If you stop the action of making contacts daily, overtime your pipeline dries up.  Once again that scaly, bitter reality pops up it’s ugly head in the form of low sales and low cash flow. 

TRUTH: You and I get to choose what food we put in our body. We get to choose the kind of thoughts we dwell on and let take root. We get to choose the words that come out of our mouths. We reap the benefits of consistent right actions or the misery of consistent wrong action.  My friend...the power of life and death is in your hand physically, mentally and verbally. Be careful what you eat. Be careful what you think. Be careful what you say. Be careful what you do.  Truly successful people simply have the COURAGE to REMOVE EACH RIPPLE that is causing pain to themselves and their team.  

3 Steps to Remove Workplace Psoriasis:

1.      EVALUATE: What thoughts, words and actions do I currently have that’s causing a ripple in my relationships, job performance and/or life in general?

2.      INNOVATE: What NEW thought, word or action would give me the result I want?

3.      APPLY:  Make the decision to remove the old and start using the new immediately.  If you don’t do step 3, your workplace psoriasis will not go away. 


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