One Contest That Can Change Your Life

Everyday you and I meet people that may never experience the fullness life has to offer because of one thing.  They lack the courage to clarify the big things they want out of life.

I’m grateful my father laid down his hunting hobby to help me hone my skills as a young basketball player.  He clarified that helping me succeed was more important than his hunting hobby.  I was able to play college basketball because of his courage to clarify HOW he used his time after work.

One of my favorite Proverbs says, “Where there is no vision, people cast off restraint.”  When a person casts off restraint in their eating habits and exercise routines what happens?   Their body changes shapes and gains weight in unwanted areas.  When a business casts off restraint in their marketing budget what happens?  They eat their profit.

The moment you remove the banks from a river, it ceases to be a river.  It becomes a swamp.  When you live a life with no restraints your life becomes stagnant, just like a swamp.  But what if you had the COURAGE to CLARIFY the big rocks in your life?  What if you began living with powerful restraints helping you focus on the stuff that really mattered in your life?  You’d become unstoppable.

Massive success in any area of your life can be yours if you will take the first step to COURAGEOUSLY CLARIFY what you want out of life.  How will you spend your time after work?  Will you invest into your family or into the latest and greatest reality show?  Will you learn new skills to make yourself more valuable at work or will you be content with your current level of success?

Without a courageous and clear vision, we fall back into a life of habitual mediocrity. 

Edward Gibbon said, “We improve ourselves by victories over our self.  There must be contests, and we must win.”

Here’s a contest for you.  Identify an area of your life where you don’t have clarity (finances, health, faith, family, career, productivity, etc.).  Now, have the COURAGE to CLARIFY A WIN in that area.  Decide what you want.  For example, one of my WINS everyday is to create a “Daily Agenda”.  Why is this a WIN for me?  Because, for the first 37 years of my life I lived by the seat of my pants.  I lived without a daily plan.  I would wager that I get at least 50% more done for every day I have a “Daily Agenda”. 

A WIN must be able to be measured.  Each week it’s my goal to have created 7 Daily Agenda’s.  I used to be terrible at it.  But because I CLARIFIED it and committed to track my success at accomplishing this daily task, it’s become one of my best SUCCESS habits.  Now, a day rarely goes by where I don’t have an agenda created…even on a day off. 

Go against the flow of mediocrity in a specific area of your life.  CLARIFY YOUR WIN.  Become a mighty roaring river by creating banks that lead you to the big blue oceans of opportunity! 

Live with Courage.  Clarify Your Win.