Four Ways to Increase Impact & Decrease Stress.

I remember 25 years ago when my little brother, Seth, had a dream to play college basketball.  One summer he realized how rigid and inflexible his legs were.  Literally, he could barely get his hands past his knees.  An average 13-year old basketball player would have simply laughed at their lack of flexibility and moved on.  But Seth, thanks to the advice of our dad, executed a strategy to increase his flexibility.  Instead of watching cartoons every morning during the summer and chillin’ out on the couch, Seth would sit on the floor and stretch for 30-60 minutes every morning for the entire summer.   The end result was powerful.  He increased his vertical jump by 6 inches.  He took something casual, mindless and unproductive (watching cartoons) and made it impactful towards achieving his childhood dream of being a college athlete.  When was the last time you truly made a massive improvement in your life?  Seriously, when was the last time you remember that feeling where you thought, “Wow, my life is better because of my decision to DO THE WORK and I can actually see the result!"

Listen, you and I spend time everyday doing things that are not nearly as helpful or productive as we really want them to be.  Why not find ways to make your dreams become reality by executing those things that really matter in your life. 

George Washington Carver said, “99% of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.”  Instead of building a habit of excuses, let’s start building the habit of EXECUTING YOUR WIN.  Here are four tips to help you EXECUTE like an OLYMPIC ATHLETE at work and home.

1. IDENTIFY BAD HABITS:  Identify those things that are kicking your butt & STOP MAKING EXCUSES for them.  (Unwanted eating habits, spending habits, out of control texting/facebook/twitter/email, poor planning or no planning, negative attitudes, unhelpful thinking that keeps you stuck, etc.)

2. BREAK-UP WITH YOUR BAD HABITS: You know these casual habits and behaviors are robbing you of OLYMPIC performance.  It’s time to end your love affair with mediocrity.  Things like excessive tweeting, surfing the internet, flipping the channels, constant checking of email when you need to get projects done, snacking on junk food, multi-tasking, anything you know in your gut that is a waste of your time/life.  I suggest that you simply remove 1 bad habit at a time.  This BREAK-UP will most likely get nasty.  Our old ugly habits have no intention of leaving us.  This is a WAR and you must WIN if you want to see your life improve in any area.  It’s OKAY to make this BREAK-UP dramatic so go ahead and make a public declaration.


  • Write down a list of the 5 worst habits that you want removed from your life.
  • For each habit listed, write out the negative impact each habit has brought you.  (Things like…how long it’s plagued you, how it’s limited you, embarrassed you, frustrated you, stopped you, etc.)
  • Select the ONE HABIT that you will WAR over until you have conquered it. 

Next week, I’ll give you the two final steps that literally have the potential to up your game exponentially.  But, you must first deal with your current reality.