In Part One of “Courage to Execute” I wanted you to face your current reality.  But the super-successful don’t stay there.  Roger Federer says, “Working on your weaknesses makes you a complete player, but you won’t be dangerous anymore.  That’s why I work on strengths.”  My point is simple, now that you have made a commitment to rid yourself of those weak, unprofitable habits…’s time to turn our attention to the next two steps.  This is where you can experience radical success. 

You see, HABITS go both ways.  They can hurt you, OR they can help you.  These next two steps will catapult your success.

1. CREATE NEW OLYMPIC HABITS: Those simple but powerful things to make your day more productive, peaceful, joyful and powerful.  Identify habits that will help you live out your best life.  Habits that help you:  lose weight, save money, get to bed on time, reading something that helps you grow, setting a new goal to help you stay more focused at work.  Write this new habit on a piece of paper and look at it every time the old habit sticks out its ugly head.  More than anything else…you MUST REPLACE BAD HABITS WITH OLYMPIC HABITS.

2. BECOME THE TURTLE:  Yes, the tortoise WINS the race every time.  The RABBIT NEVER WINS.  Diet fads come and go…but the weight remains or comes back quickly.  You need to have the mindset of a TURTLE.  Baby steps.  Slow and steady wins the race.  At first, this new habit will be very tender and vulnerable, like a turtle WITHOUT a shell.  But, life will improve if you have the courage to stay the course.  Overtime, your new OLYMPIC habit will develop a thick shell and tough skin to overcome the attacks of that OLD NASTY HABIT.  You’re better than that.  You’re made for more.  You will SLAY your old HABITS when you have the perseverance of the turtle. 

Jim Rohn said, “If it’s simple enough to do, it’s simple enough not to do.”  The action of carrying out any one of the tasks above is not difficult work in reality.  It’s easy to sit down and create an agenda for the day.  It’s also easy not to do it.  It’s easy to open the fridge and grab a carrot instead of a candy bar.  It’s also easy not to do it.  DON’T MISS THE POWER OF SIMPLICITY!  The life you want REALLY ISN’T THAT DIFFICULT, if you begin to EXECUTE the SIMPLE STUFF.

Take Action:

  • Write out 5 powerful daily habits that you think will bring the most success.
  • For each Olympic Habit you listed, write out the benefits you think they have if they became part of who you are.  Seriously, exhaust your mind on the benefits.  Give yourself ample passion to make this habit become real in your life.
  • Pick ONE Olympic habit to incorporate into your life.  Master it before taking on another one.
  • Determine a metric by which you can see this Olympic habit taking hold in your life.
  • Sit back and enjoy your new AWESOME Life!  Then, pick the next Olympic habit.

Say GOOD BYE to those nasty, lazy, average, life sucking habits.  Your potential is unlimited and untapped.  If you will begin to take action on those things that you’ve allowed to keep you down and implement NEW Olympic habits…..victory will be yours.

Increase Impact.  Decrease Stress.  Be Courageous.  Execute Your Win.