5 Steps To Turn Criticism Into Celebration!!!!

Imagine stepping out of the office after a long day at work.  You’re in a long season of struggle, frustration, disappointment, feelings of inadequacy and some broken relationships.  Now imagine someone close to you putting their hand on your shoulder and in a very kind way tell you the following, “I love you, but your miserable.  You’re not you.  You’re a mess.  You’re miserable and you’re making the entire atmosphere miserable.  Something’s got to change……”

Well, this happened to me.  I don’t know about you, but it’s been a life long struggle to handle criticism well, regardless if it’s been delivered with kindness or not.  These moments are not fun.  Don’t miss this:  How well you receive evaluation and what you do with the evaluation determines the speed of your growth and success. 

 Average vs. Great

  •  Average People are afraid to look at their weaknesses because they don’t want to appear weak. 
  • Average People often try to defend their position as opposed to learn from someone else’s perspective. 
  • Great people think, “I really need to listen to this person’s evaluation of me (my work, my attitude, my perspective, my process, etc) because their advice and insight can help me get to the next level.” 
  • Great People evaluate themselves first.  They realize that if they consistently “look under the hood”, they will catch things before they become a problem and before other people even see the problem. 

Those who fail to evaluate themselves often and those who refuse to receive evaluation from others stunt their growth and dramatically decrease their success.

Take 5 Action Steps: 

  1. Identify an area to improve or set a goal. (Clarify Your Win)
  2. Set tasks (to Execute Your Win) and a metric that will help evaluate your win.
  3. Spend 10 minutes evaluating yourself as to what you need to change in order to achieve the bigger result that you seek.
  4. Ask someone to evaluate you:  Ask them specific questions and don’t defend yourself when they answer your questions.  Just shut up, listen, take notes and thank them.
  5. Do the work and evaluate your progress weekly until your goal is achieved. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”  Your legacy is too important and your life is too valuable not to courageously evaluate it.  If you have the Courage to Evaluate you will become unstoppable!

Be Courageous.  Evaluate.  Become More.  Achieve More.