One simple tactic to give your team an edge.

Sometimes a leader needs to be the hammer. You strike a nail to put it in it's proper place so that it can hold a structure together for decades. Other times you need to be the nail. Allow the hammer to strike you so that you can effectively support the structure. It's impossible for the hammer to hold the structure together alone....the nail is his only hope. It's also impossible for the nail to have any real impact or value to the home without being struck. Bad hammers ruin good nails. Bad nails get bent over the smallest swings.

Refuse to be offended today. Great leaders must strike the issues that disrupt progress and great team members need to be mature enough to receive the strike.  When nails leave their place, the house falls apart. When hammers refuse to swing, nothing gets built.  A bent nail eventually gets thrown away. A hammer that refuses to be swung is simply a paperweight.

REFUSE TO BE OFFENDED and take every opportunity to BECOME GRATEFUL.  

Here’s the truth:  Taking offense or not taking offense is a choice.  Each time a comment is directed at you or each time someone sends an email……you have a choice.  We forget that fact.  Offense is a choice.  It’s a decision to allow yourself to become angry, bitter, resentful, hateful, etc.

What does it mean to take offense?:  You allowed another human being to get underneath your skin. 

Here are the synonyms of the word “offense”:  annoyance, anger, resentment, indignation, irritation, exasperation, wrath, displeasure, animosity, vexation, ill feelings, disgruntlement, rage.

The problem with taking offense is that we think it will make us feel better about the situation.  Or that being offended allows us to get back at that person.  But the simple truth is this:  We are the ones that are harboring all this negative crap and it’s bottled inside of us.  When you allow yourself to become offended, you begin to let anger, resentment, wrath, animosity, indignation to live inside of your body.  Carry those things inside you long enough and you are sure to show some physical & emotional symptoms due to the stress, pressure and sickness that stuff brings.

Take Action Now: 

o   Identify any current situations that are offending you.

o   Remove the emotion in the situation and find the gold nugget to help you grow.

o   Choose to be grateful for the person and/or situation.

o   Look at the situation from their perspective.

o   Learn from it

o   Let it go.  Forgive their actions.  Don’t give anyone that kind of power in your life.