The Power of Thinking Right Thoughts


You are the first person you communicate with each day.  As a leader, your own thoughts about yourself, your ability, and your life determines how well you can lead others.  So, the first person you MUST Use, Simple, Direct, Respectful Communication with is yourself. 

 Here's one way I keep my mind engaged in the legacy I want to leave.  Our mind is powerful, but it's like a wild horse.  It's untrained and unrestrained.  I used to let negative thoughts flood my mind....and those thoughts became words....and those words became actions.  My actions affect everyone around me.  My thinking determines how I lead and speak to others.  My own thoughts were destroying the potential that I thought was in me.  I needed something to renew my mind every day.  Something that would encourage me to live my best life....everyday.  I want my days to matter.  I want to accomplish what I've been created to do.  There's an old Bible verse that caused me to think about what I'm thinking about.  "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."  We become what we think about.  


You may laugh, but this simple routine has given me an enormous amount of confidence to achieve more and run harder for the things that matter most in my life.  Every morning I have this "Morning Power Routine".  It's a 15-minute mental exercise that includes 6 Power Quotes that I recite out loud, plus a bunch of other stuff.  This is my personal routine.  This includes my faith, but I'm not trying to push my faith on you.  It's simply who I am and who I want to be.  This practice can add huge value to your life regardless of your faith.  Each quote has deep meaning personally because of the life I used to live versus the life that I choose to live.  Here are 6 quotes I recite every morning and a description as to why each quote has meaning:


1.  Victory Loves Preparation  (I say this because I used to fly by the seat of my pants without achieving what I thought was possible...I was never fully prepared for the day ahead of me....and I was sick of lack luster results in my life.  I saw this quote in a movie, "The Mechanic", that I don't endorse....but this quote came alive to me.)


2.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. - Tim Tebow (I say this because I would like an edge on those folks that simply rely on this helps me overcome my LAZY tendencies.)


3.  The secret to your success is found in your daily agenda. - John Maxwell (I say this because I never used to have an agenda, plan, etc....but I desperately wanted the success of an Olympic athlete.  Now, 95% of my day is carried out according to a set agenda...less stress, more impact, more fun, more fulfillment, more peace)


4.  FI/T(G) = M  (This is Dave Ramsey's equation.  Focused Intensity Over Time, Times God, Equals Momentum).  It takes 20 yrs. to create an overnight success.  The turtle wins the race!!!!  I've always been the rabbit (very intense, moved fast, but never stayed the course.  I've fallen in love with the success traits of the tortoise.  This reminds me that focus and intensity must endure for long periods of time to achieve the results that I dream of.)


5.  Instant Obedience to God trumps all other leadership philosophies and actions.  (This is simply my reminder that God's ways and ideas are HIGHER than mine.  If I ever feel conflicted with the next right step....make sure my steps are in alignment with's impossible to lose if He's on my side.  Don't get too philosophical here.  This is simply stating that it's not about WINNING or's simply about knowing that I can't go wrong if I truly listen and obey His direction for my life.)


6.  Love Wins.  (It's my daily reminder that success without love is empty.  Heck, anything without love is shallow.  I'm pretty intense and that freaks some people heart wants to be full of love.....but I have to remind myself that VICTORY WITHOUT LOVE is pointless.  I want love to be behind every thought, word and action.  Relationships without love become transactional....yuck.  But, relationships with love make life awesome.  Your leadership without love lacks genuine care and concern for team members.  Love creates the momentum you desire in your team.) 


If you are thinking about copying my quotes....think again.  This isn't a magic formula.  It’s a way of training your mind like an Olympic athlete.  We all have flaws.  My flaws begin in my mind with my own wrong thinking.  I've identified 6 things that I'm weak in, but I no longer believe every thought that enters my mind.   Instead, I choose the thoughts that bring life to my mind and body.  This exercise helps me renew my mind every day.  It's kinda like my "MENTAL BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS".   Tommy Newberry calls this his “Early Morning Joy Ritual”.  I'm fearless when these thoughts are racing through my mind.  I live each day with a mission to lift everyone I speak to when I think these thoughts.  There's so much potential that each one of us has been given......but it's locked inside of us.  Right thinking UNLEASHES your greatness.  I care less about what other's think, because I have set my mind on right thoughts.


This is how I USE SIMPLE, DIRECT, RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION to myself.  If you want your life to change, your THINKING must change.  If you want your leadership to change, your THINKING must change.  When you have the COURAGE to think NEW RIGHT THOUGHTS, your life and leadership can change rapidly and dramatically.  I have deep conviction about this post.  I hope this helps you to LIVE COURAGEOUS and INSPIRE GREATNESS personally as well as in the folks you lead every day.


Are you ready to put together your MENTAL BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS?


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"Most of your thinking is more like background noise while you engage in other activities. Yet behind everything you do is a thought, and each individual thought contributes to your overall character. How well your mind works dictates how much joy you experience, how successful you feel, and how well you interact with other people. No area of your life is untouched by your thoughts. Your habitual thinking patterns either encourage you toward excellence or nudge you into weakness."                                    Excerpt from Tommy Newberry’s book “The 4:8 Principle”